Build Blazing Fast and Secure Websites with Gatsby and Slicknode

Build Blazing Fast and Secure Websites with Gatsby and Slicknode

TL;DR: We just published a Gatsby source plugin to power Gatsby sites with content from your Slicknode content HUBs along with a blog starter to get you started in minutes.

Speed and scalability are among the most important aspects of modern websites. Having a poorly performing website leads to frustrated users, higher bounce rates, and lower conversion rates. Since Google made the page-load times a criterion for ranking websites in its search results, having a performant and scalable website is more important than ever for driving search traffic to your site and providing a great user experience. (Want to see how your website stacks up? Audit your site with Lighthouse)

One popular method to achieve this is static site generation. The idea is simple: Instead of generating the website on-demand whenever a user requests a page, for example, with a traditional CMS like WordPress or Drupal, all pages of a web presence are generated ahead of time by a static site generator. The static site generator creates all HTML pages as static files along with their assets like stylesheets and javascript and optimizes them for size and performance.

You can then upload the generated files to any static file hoster (S3, Netlify, etc.) at extremely low cost with practically infinite scalability. Since there is no need for a dynamic web server, this deployment method is also a lot more secure than traditional website setups and requires almost no maintenance.

Slicknode for Static Site Generators

Slicknode is the ideal content source for static site generators: You can power any number of statically generated websites with a single Slicknode project, which makes it easier to manage content at scale, and saves costs. The serverless content HUB scales on-demand without the need to provision infrastructure or the build-process blocking the local development machine, no matter how many pages you need to generate. The powerful content modeling functionality gives you all the flexibility you need for building great digital experiences.

Gatsby with Slicknode

We just released an official source plugin for the popular Gatsby static site generator. You can now integrate the content from your Slicknode content HUB with thousands of other data providers and plugins to rapidly build modern digital experiences.

Check out the blog starter kit to get started in minutes or the repository of the gatsby-source-slicknode plugin to add Slicknode to an existing Gatsby project.

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Ivo Meißner

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