Scalable, Serverless GraphQL CMS

Create better, digital experiences faster: Combine the content management infrastructure of Slicknode with any existing API, programming language and framework.

Scalable, Serverless GraphQL CMS

Manage Complexity with Ease

We bring version control to content management so you can use the modern development workflows you know and love.

The entire structure lives in your local codebase and can be managed via Git: Keep your changes organized even in the most complex projects. It also seamlessly integrates into your existing toolchain with CI / CD.

Service Composition

Mix and match the Slicknode content infrastructure with existing APIs and 3rd party tools, with minimal to no integration effort. No more compromises: Why use a less than perfect solution when you can have the best?

Seamlessly add content to existing IT systems or build digital experiences based on external APIs. The Open Source GraphQL standard gives you all the flexibility you need and reduces the integration effort to a minimum.

Freedom of Frontend Technology

Enjoy the freedom to use your content with your favorite technology, programming language or framework. Always use best in class tech for your projects, now and in the future.

With the Headless CMS architecture, legacy technology doesn’t hold you back and the limits of monolithic CMS are a thing of the past: Redefine what’s possible.

Devops-Free Content Infrastructure

Never worry about patching servers, monitoring and scaling infrastructure or configuring backups again.

We manage your content infrastructure for you, so you don’t have to. Focus on what matters most: Building great digital experiences.

Reusable Building Blocks

Build (or just install) reusable modules in all your projects so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Life is too short to solve the same problem twice!

Slicknode already comes with lots of batteries included to make you more productive than ever before. Build out your own individual toolchain so you can create unique solutions at unprecedented speed.

Effortless Security

Secure your software without breaking the bank. Define complex authorization rules for your content in minutes, from multi-tenant SaaS platforms to large enterprise software - it just takes a few lines of code:

  • Declaratively define permission rules only once. The Slicknode Query Engine applies the necessary filters automatically for your entire API, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally exposing data.
  • Built-In authentication and authorization with complex rules that span multiple DB tables, for ultimate control and flexibility.

Isolated Development Environments

Test and develop features in isolation without risking to break production. Clone entire projects with a single command, run experiments or create your own individual development environments. Creating exact copies of the production version empowers you to make bold changes fast and with confidence.

Auto Improving API

Never worry about upgrading your content management systems again. We automatically improve the infrastructure, functionality and APIs in the background. It just keeps getting better, without you lifting a finger! That is what GraphQL was designed for.