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Demo / DevelopSmallMediumEnterprise
Production Usage *x
Contributors15 +$15/mo for each additional10 +$15/mo for each additionalCustom
Requests / Month100k250k +$0.10/10k requests1m +$0.10/10k requestsCustom
DB Storage100mb10gb +$0.50/mo per gb10gb +$0.50/mo per gbCustom
Node Types502550Custom
Role Based Permissions
Permission Filters-
Application UsersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedCustom
Price / MonthFree250h / month / account, afterwards +$0.05/h$49 / month$149 / monthCustom

* Develop / demo projects are rate limited to 2 req / s and 2 concurrent connections. They automatically shut down after 1 hour of inactivity or 12 hours, whichever comes first.

Network Egress

You are charged for the outgoing network traffic of your APIs and assets like files and images.

GB per monthPrice
0 - 1free
1 - unlimited$0.25 / GB / month

File Storage

For file storage you are charged for the files that are stored, the requests to files and data transfer.

For enterprise customers we also offer the possibility to store files in your own AWS S3 bucket. Please contact support for more information.


GB per monthPrice
0 - 5free
5 - unlimited$0.75 / GB / month


Requests per monthPrice
0 - 100,000free
100,001 - unlimited$0.10 / 10,000 requests


Requests per monthPrice
0 - 100,000free
100,001 - unlimited$0.10 / 100,000 requests


For images you are charged according to the pricing under File-Storage.

In addition to the file storage, you are charged for image transformations. The transformed images are cached in the CDN. For transformed images that are served from the CDN the image is not transformed again.


Requests per monthPrice
0 - 10,000free
10,001 - unlimited$0.50 / 10,000 transformations

All prices are listed in USD excluding local taxes and fees.

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