Headless CMS Features

Flexible building blocks to build modern digital experiences, without the baggage of traditional content management systems.

Instant GraphQL API

With Slicknode, you don’t have to write, test and maintain thousands of fields, resolvers and input arguments by hand.

Just define your data model, deploy and get a production ready GraphQL API with filters, pagination, sorting, mutations using industry best practices.

Headless CMS

Manage your content through a fully-fledged CMS that Slicknode generates automatically based on your data model.

Deliver the content via the GraphQL API to any channel (Mobile, Web, IoT etc.).

Combined with the authorization capabilities, you have full control over your data and can build enterprise level back-office applications with minimal effort.

Authentication & Authorization

Secure your application with ease and keep full control over your data with fine grained permission capabilities:

  • Declaratively define permission rules for your types using GraphQL. Slicknode automatically applies the necessary filters at the database level. Say good bye to complex SQL queries.
  • Built-In authentication and authorization with complex rules that span multiple DB tables.

Rich Data Modeling Capabilities

Slicknode gives you a powerful toolset to model even the most complex applications.

  • Flexible relation modeling for all standard relation types (1:n, 1:1, n:m).
  • Support for custom edge types, for example a Membership can have a flag isAdmin
  • Advanced types like Interfaces or Enum types
  • Type extensions allow the extension of database tables across modules
  • Additional scalar types like DateTime or Decimal for large numbers

Custom Extensions

Extend Slicknode with the tools and languages you already know:

  • Load data from any API, backend and database with simple Javascript (or TypeScript, Flow etc.)
  • Use any npm module, slicknode automatically installs dependencies and deploys a fully functional module
  • Dependency management per module. Multiple versions possible in different modules in the same project.

Fully Managed Backend

  • Fully managed infrastructure, reliable by design with a 100% serverless architecture, powered by AWS
  • Automated backups
  • Automatic health checks and replacement of failing parts of the infrastructure
  • No single point of failure for maximum availability

High Scalability

Never worry about unpredictable traffic spikes again! Slicknode scales your API automatically on-demand with a 100% serverless stack:

  • With AWS Lambda, your API scales on-demand for any traffic spikes, no capacity planning needed. It just scales, powered by AWS.
  • AWS Aurora Serverless scales your database and the storage layer automatically.

Modular Architecture

The Slicknode architecture is modular from the core:

  • Reuse functionality across projects: Build once, use everywhere
  • Keep your code organized by separating the logic into modules
  • Work with large teams on the same project without hassle


  • Automatic resizing, cropping etc.
  • Upload the images once, request URLs in the sizes that you need on demand.
  • Delivery and caching via global CDN for optimum performance

File Storage

  • Cloud file storage for large objects (up to 5GB)
  • Works seamlessly with the authentication & authorization modules to create complex access rules
  • Caching and delivery via global CDN for optimum performance

Multi-Stage Environment

  • Setup any number of environments with the same project
  • Develop features on a separate branch and merge later using the version control system of your choice (Git etc.)
  • Environments for each stage (prod, develop, stage etc.)
  • Environments for each developer (develop-john, develop-richard etc.)
  • Use environment for multiple customers (SaaS infrastructure.)

More Features

Apollo Federation

Add content management infrastructure to your GraphQL API via Apollo Federation.

Relay Compatible GraphQL API

Use the same client library that Facebook uses to built digital experiences at scale. The Slicknode GraphQL API Relay support out of the box.


Easily localize your content and build digital experiences for global audiences. Selective translate content to any language.