Modern Content Infrastructure
for Digital Leaders

Content is at the core of digital solutions and user experience.
Slicknode has the tools that you need for a winning digital content strategy.

Innovate Faster

Get ahead of the competition and deliver new ideas to production faster than ever - without technology slowing you down.

  • Create digital solutions without setting up additional content infrastructure, just connect them to your central content HUB
  • Reuse functionality across digital experiences and teams and save cost and time

Managed Infrastructure

Let us manage the content infrastructure, so you can focus on what you do best:

  • Building amazing digital experiences for your customers.
  • Spend your IT resources an creating digital experiences, not managing infrastructure.

We provision, scale, monitor and fix your infrastructure for your ultimate peace of mind.

Not having to manage any infrastructure saves us enormous amounts of time that we can now use to develop new features. Plus we never have to worry about scaling issues, no matter what we throw at it, it just scales.
Trutz FriesTrutz FriesCEO, Revoic

Future Proof Digital Strategy

Add new digital experiences to your portfolio by just creating the frontend, not the entire stack!

Gain a strategic advantage and always use the latest technology without having to upgrade your content infrastructure. Slicknode works with the best technologies of today - and of tomorrow!

Effortless Scalability

Never worry about scaling issues and unexpected traffic spikes again. Slicknode automatically scales your content infrastructure, so you don’t have to. No upfront infrastructure planning required, it just scales:

From a hand full of users to millions - and back.

Adopt without Service Disruption

Start adopting Slicknode and the modern content approach at a pace that fits your digital strategy.

  • Modernize your content strategy gradually without disrupting your current operations.
  • Extend existing digital assets or add new ones side-by-side.

With Slicknode, you have all the options.

Pay as you Go

Use top content infrastructure without breaking the bank!

No upfront investments, license fees or longterm commitments required. You just pay a subscription fee that fits your project size and buget, with predictable and fair prices.