Publish Content To Any Channel

Manage all your content in a central content HUB.
Publish new content to any channel without involving IT.

Publish Content To Any Channel

Publish without waiting for IT

Create new pages, campaigns and content without involving IT. Slicknode puts content creators in control with a powerful and intuitive user interface, so you can innovate and publish faster than ever before. Changes that traditionally required implementation from developers can be done in seconds without technical knowledge.

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One Central Content HUB

Moving from too many CMSs to a central content HUB dramatically improves your editing workflows. One single place to manage all your content, for every digital channel. No more copy pasting between too many systems, no more inconsistent content across your digital assets that could harm your brand awareness.

Release Fast, Release Often

Publish new content faster and more often. With the intuitive content editing interface the next release is always just one click away.

Engage your Audience

Don’t just publish content, engage your audience and build personalized experiences that stand out. From user generated content to multi tenant SaaS platforms, Slicknode gives you the building blocks to create winning solutions in competitive markets.