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Enum Types

An Enum Type is a special type that consist of a predefined set of constants.



The status of a payment
enum Payment_PaymentStatus {
  """Payment completed successfully"""

  """Payment is pending"""

  """Payment failed"""

This creates an Enum type with 3 possible values: SUCCEEDED, PENDING and FAILED. The values should use UPPERCASE_LETTERS, numbers and underscores.


Descriptions can be added by adding a comment to the value as in the example above.

You can use those enum types for field values like any other type:

type Payment_Invoice {
  # The payment status can be one of `SUCCEEDED`, `PENDING` or `FAILED`
  paymentStatus: Payment_PaymentStatus!

The field values of Enum type fields are enforced on the database level. If you delete a value of an Enum type that is used in another object, the migration will fail since the constraint cannot be satisfied. You would first have to remove or change the values for the existing objects to be able to remove a value from an Enum type.