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The slicknode core module provides a TimeStampedInterface which automatically adds the current time to a createdAt and lastUpdatedAt field whenever a node is saved.


"""Interface for objects that automatically get timestamped values"""
interface TimeStampedInterface {
  """The time when the object was first added"""
  createdAt: DateTime!

  """The time when the object was last updated"""
  lastUpdatedAt: DateTime


To add timestamped fields to a node that are automatically updated, just implement the TimeStampedInterface for the node:

type Blog_Article implements Node & TimeStampedInteface {
  id: ID!

  createdAt: DateTime!
  lastUpdatedAt: DateTime

Whenever a new node of type Blog_Article is created, the field createdAt will automatically have the value of the current timestamp. When the node is initially created, lastUpdatedAt will be null.

Whenever the node is updated, the field lastUpdatedAt will have the current timestamp. Note that these values cannot be overwritten. If you need to overwrite those values occasionally, you can create your own interface and combine that with extensions in which you set the values manually after a certain logic.