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Union Types

Union types allow you to define a type that can be one of the defined types. This allows you to create completely flexible and dynamic data structures that can be controlled by content editors via the Slicknode console.



union Content_Section = Content_HeroUnit | Content_Gallery | Content_Teaser

This creates a Content_Section type that can be either a Content_HeroUnit, Content_Gallery or a Content_Teaser.


Union types can be used in fields like all regular types:

type Content_Page implements Node & Content {
  id: ID!
  title: String

  # Add as single field
  topContent: Content_Section

  # Union types can also be used as array
  sections: [Content_Section!]!

  # Fields of Content interface:
  contentNode: ContentNode!
  locale: Locale!
  status: ContentStatus!
  publishedAt: DateTime
  publishedBy: User
  createdAt: DateTime!
  createdBy: User
  lastUpdatedAt: DateTime
  lastUpdatedBy: User