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Create Module

Modules are the top level building blocks of a Slicknode project. They let you organize your project into small logical pieces. To learn more about modules, click here

For our blog application, all the parts that we need to meet the requirements are related, so we only need one module that we call blog.

From the root folder of our project, we create the module:

slicknode module create blog

We need to enter a namespace and a label for the admin interface. The namespace will be prepended to all types of the module. We can just use the defaults here by pressing enter.

Inside of our project, we should now have the following additional files:


Slicknode created a modules folder where we will place all the slicknode modules and it created the blog/ folder for our blog module. There are two files inside of our modules folder:

  • modules/blog/slicknode.yml: This holds the configuration of our module (we will get back to that later).
  • modules/blog/schema.graphql: This is where we can place all the type definitions using the GraphQL SDL.