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Project Description

In this tutorial you will build a backend for an advanced multi user blogging application.


Let's assume the following project requirements for our blogging application:

  • Multiple users can write content for the blog
  • A blog post should have the following data structure: Title, text, author, it should keep track of changed and created dates and should be assignable to a category
  • A blog post should have a unique SEO-friendly URL
  • An article in the publishing workflow can have multiple statuses: draft, published, archived
  • Every authorized user can write comments for each published blog post
  • Every category can have multiple authors and only authorized authors are allowed to publish articles in a category
  • The author should receive an email notification when someone posts a new comment for one of their blog posts
  • Only admin users can add new authors to a category

While this seems like a pretty standard application, the workflow in combination with all the authorization rules usually require a significant amount of code that has to be written. With the declarative programming model of Slicknode, this becomes trivial.