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Extensions and Custom Code

Slicknode has a flexible extension system to add any functionality to your GraphQL API. You can write custom resolvers that load data from your existing microservices, write complex business logic or add hooks to any write operation that happens on your GraphQL server.

The simplified architecture looks like this:

Slicknode Architecture

Possible Usecases:

  • Add 3rd party APIs to your application
  • Embed legacy APIs and migrate to a GraphQL architecture
  • Stream write events to Pub-Sub systems for realtime updates, IoT devices etc.
  • Write complex validation and authorization logic
  • Stream updated data to external systems (Kafka, ElasticSearch, Log-Processing etc.)

You can write custom code using plain Javascript or use your favorite build tools that can compile to Javascript like Typescript or Babel + Flow.

The runtime environment sits behind the Slicknode GraphQL API and can be deployed in your own data center or cloud provider of your choice.

The custom runtime is accessed via HTTP(s) and the communication is secured by cryptographic signing.

Use any NPM module

You can use the full Javascript ecosystem and thousands of NPM modules. Slicknode automatically installs the dependencies and compiles your code into a javascript bundle that you can deploy anywhere. Just add the dependencies to you package.json file and Slicknode takes care of the rest.