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Type extensions

Object types that are part of your GraphQL schema can be extended in any module. This can be used to add additional functionality to core modules or to extend an object type from a module that you do not want to change. You might want to choose an extension if the functionality you plan to add does logically not belong into the module itself or if you don't have access to the code (core modules).

Extending Object Types

When you want to create a module to add functionality to an existing module, you can extend the type by using the keywords extend type.

Adding a twitter handle to the User type in a module with the namespace Twitter could look something like this:

extend type User {
  # Twitter handle
  Twitter_username: String @unique

This adds a field of type String to the User object which is part of the core module. Note that the field name must be prepended with the namespace of the module and an underscore if it is adding fields to a type of another module. This prevents field name collisions.

You cannot add required fields as type extensions as they would potentially break existing functionality.

Besides those limitations, the fields of type extensions behave exactly the same way as if they were defined on the type itself. You can add scalar fields, enum fields, relations etc.